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To monitor, preserve, and protect the coral reef ecosystem of
South Florida through research, education, and public awareness.


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Reef Rescue

is a volunteer, non-profit, grassroots conservation organization dedicated to protecting the coral reef resources of south Florida. Formed by a handful of local scuba divers from south Florida our ranks have expanded worldwide to include divers and non-divers alike; comprised by all who share a commitment to protect the imperiled coral reef resources for future generations.

What is at risk?

Coral reefs are in decline the world over. Some predict over 75% of the world’s reefs will be gone by 2050. Threatened by rising ocean temperatures, bleaching, disease, overexploitation, mismanagement and pollution, the list may seem complex and overwhelming.

We are making a difference

by focusing on specific, manageable problems and backed by sound science we are turning the tide. We have succeeded in restricting many mismanagement practices which in the past have lead to the decline of the south Florida coral reef ecosystem.

As you take time to read our web site you will learn more about the unique biology of the coral reef ecosystem and find ways you can help to preserve this natural wonder. The site is formatted to educate and offer information to anyone interested in learning. Links are provided from the most basic information to detailed scientific studies. At anytime you have questions or want to learn more you are always invited to contact us.

Recent News

Palm Beach Opposes Coral Habitat Protection

The The Town of Palm Beach has filed an objection with NMFS on proposed habitat protection for staghorn coral

Feds deny Reef Rescue petition to expand protected area

Feds deny Reef Rescue petition to expand protected area, say they are too busy, Click for details

Other News

Judge Rules to Protect Palm Beach County Reef
Surfers, divers and anglers unite to stop dredge-and-fill project

On March 2, in a 277 page decision, Administartive Law Judge Robert Meale ruled the FDEP deny the Town of Palm Beach a permit to dredge 700,000 cu. yds. of poor quality sand onto local beaches saying "Because of the rare confluence of conditions required for its creation, the Florida Reef Tract cannot be replaced in any timeframe short of geologic time, so its protection, even from remote risks, must be a matter of exceptional regulatory concern.”

Florida surfers, fishermen, and divers celebrate major environmental victory (read here)

New York Times coverage (read here)

Link to 277 page Judge Meale's ruling (click here)

Watch About Reef Rescue Video

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Read: Broward wants to keep dumping sewage in ocean

Sewage Pipe Closed

Read Palm Beach Post article

World Famous Breakers' Reef Suffers Extensive Damage

Read the Palm Beach Daily News

FDEP Restoration Report

Palm Beach Post restoration article

Help Solve the Crime

Reef Rescue will pay a reward of $ 2,500 for information leading to the prosecution of individuals responsible for damaging coral in Palm Beach County waters. All information will be kept confidential and will be forwarded to law enforcement officials. Email your report

Ocean Dumping to End

Reef Rescue’s six year crusade to stop the discharge of inadequately treated sewage onto our coral reefs became a realization when the Florida House and Senate unanimously approved legislation to end ocean sewage dumping. Thank you to all who worked to achieve this significant milestone in the preservation of South Florida’s coral reefs and coastal environment.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist presents Reef Rescue Director Ed Tichenor with commemorative pen after signing outfall legislation at the International Coral Reef Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale.

See NBC news coverage

See CBS news coverage

Miami Herald: Ocean is no place for treated sewage (read here)

Palm Beach Post: Reef Rescue shuts down beach project due to bad sand (read here)

Sun Sentinel: State wants to end dumping of treated sewage into ocean (read here)

Reef Rescue testifies before Florida Senate Environmental Committee (view presentation)

CBS Miami Special Report on S. Florida outfalls (video here)

Key West Citizen: EPA finds sewage threatens Florida reef tract (read here)

Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald: Ocean dumping article (read here)

Palm Beach Post editorial: Time to plug the pipes (read here)

Miami Herald: South Florida Sewage Pipes Cause Stink (read here)

Sun-Sentinel: Environmentalists Fight Lake Worth Over Ocean Dumping (read here)

Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification

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