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Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral in Danger of Extinction

Elkhorn and Staghorn corals (Acropora species) were added to the Endangered Species List in May 2006. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) determined these corals face extinction within the next 30 years if not protected. In the last 20 years Florida has lost 97% of these corals.

Palm Beach County is the northernmost home to Staghorn coral in the United States. Elkhorn coral occurs as far north as Broward County. Marine scientists have identified rising ocean temperatures, siltation and pollution as threats to the survival of the species.

Palm Beach Reef Rescue is a member of the NMFS Acropora Recovery Team, which is charged with defining critical habitat and writing a recovery plan.

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Palm Beach County represents the northern limit of Staghorn Coral growth along the US mainland.

Staghorn Coral Mapping Project

A component in determining critical habitat is mapping the range of current and historical coral growth. Reef Rescue is conducting a Staghorn mapping project in Palm Beach County.

As divers your help is important to the mapping process. Report your Staghorn Coral sighting to REEF RESCUE and if possible include a picture and GPS coordinates. Once the location is verified your observation will be added to the NMFS database.

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